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Where to Speculate - The Parabolic Problem Thumbnail

Where to Speculate - The Parabolic Problem

Let’s say you want to speculate with a portion of your portfolio. Let’s assume you get the desired result (or better) and you get a parabolic return (for example, you turn $10k into $300k). Where should this speculative position be in your portfolio?

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The Expectations Gap Thumbnail

The Expectations Gap

The long-term returns of a 100% stock (“Aggressive Growth”) profile is less than 11.2% annually and current long-term market assumptions are approximately 7%.

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A Long-Term State Of Mind Thumbnail

A Long-Term State Of Mind

You’ve done your research. You’ve identified a great company. You decide to purchase 1,000 shares of a company currently trading at $30/share paying a $1.50 dividend (5% dividend yield).

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