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On the south side of the city in the Ballantyne east area just along the South Carolina border you’ll find Know My Plan’s office in the Woodward building. We’re here to help you overcome financial overwhelm with our specialized financial services: investment management, estate, cash flow and college financial planning, among others.

Know My Plan – Building Financial Plans together
Woodward Building, 11215 N Community House Rd
Suite 775
Charlotte, NC 28277

704 243 9376

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Overcome Financial Overwhelm.
Get control of your money

Financial Plans For Busy Executives and Their Families in Charlotte


Being in control of your finances shouldn’t feel like a battle. If you…

Are stressed about all that’s going on with your money and you don’t get the full picture

Feel like you don’t have the time to take care of all that comes with money

Keep putting it off…

… you’re in the right place.

We’re your financial team in Charlotte. Schedule a call.


We’re on a mission to help busy executives in Charlotte and across the nation conquer their finances. We can help you replace financial ambiguity and confusion with clear next steps. Get the battle plan you need to prepare your finances once and for all.

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Nic Nielson


Jeff Walters


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10 Actions To Take 10 Years Before Retirement

In this paper we discuss 10 actions you should take to develop and deploy a successful long-term wealth plan. It will help you make decisions about your financial journey today and well into your retirement chapter.

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