Financial Advisors in Weddington, NC

As a busy executive with a lot on your plate, you likely have a never-ending to-do list already… and you barely have the bandwidth to deal with your finances. 

Well, we’re here to help you. Know my plan is a financial firm in Weddington, NC and we help you build a solid and actionable financial plan.

Just a few of the services we offer:

Estate Planning

College Planning

Retirement Funding

Roth IRA

Insurance Planning

Investment Planning


We help you get your finances organized, plain and simple.

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Save time, quit stressing, and spend your time on what you actually want

When you’re busy living your life and have no time for your finances…

We Handle Them For You

Know My Plan: Fee-Only Financial Advisors in Weddington, NC

Hi! We’re Nic and Jeff, from Know My Plan…

…and we build financial plans for busy executives and their families in Weddington NC. We help you conquer your finances, overcome financial confusion and finally get control of your money.

How? With a simple, one-page, actionable financial plan tailored to your life and goals. Get the battle plan you need to prepare your finances once and for all.

Know My Plan: two certified financial planners in Weddington NC.

We’re fee-based and independent: we work for YOU, are paid by you, and you alone. We don’t do commission-based work. You get a financial plan built only around your life, and your goals.

We want to help you.


Your CPAs In Weddington

Nic Nielson


Jeff Walters


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graphic 10 actions to take

10 Actions To Take 10 Years Before Retirement

In this paper we discuss 10 actions you should take to develop and deploy a successful long-term wealth plan. It will help you make decisions about your financial journey today and well into your retirement chapter.

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