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The Client Review

Life is ever-changing and milestones continue to take place throughout our lifetimes. With this in mind, your plan will need ongoing adjustments based on your lifestyle and the goals you have for yourself, and your family, as you move forward.

Here are a few questions to address:



“High Risk things vs Low(er) Risk things”

Asset Allocation

“Are all my eggs in one basket?”


“What happens if I need money?”


“How does my advisor get paid?”

Straight Forward Conversation on Cost

“I just heard in the news…”

Market Timing

“Am I going to run out of money?”

Retirement Income Planning

“Do I know what I own and why I own it?”

Castle Picture

“Am I prepared if something catastrophic happens?”

Protection Planning

  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning

“Am I saving enough for my children’s education?”

Educational Planning

“Who can I help?”


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