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Good To Great Thumbnail

Good To Great

The first line of this awesome book by Jim Collins is “Good is the enemy of great”

✔ I ate grilled chicken and passed on the sweet tea for lunch.   Pretty good.

❌ I’ll have the bowl of spicy nacho Doritos tonight.  My diet is not getting to great.  

✔I worked out on Tuesday – good

❌I was lazy on Wednesday and Thursday.  My fitness is not getting to great.  

When it comes to financial planning…

✔ I am contributing to my 401k.  Good.  

🤔Am I taking advantage of all my plans options and do I know what I own and how it fits into my picture?

✔I have life insurance to replace my income if I die.  Good

🤔What if I live and can’t work?

There are aspects of the plan that are good … and that is the ENEMY.  

Text yourself every time you ask yourself a “what if” question.  Work to get answers to the “what if’s” in your life.

Information in this material is for general information only and not intended as investment, tax or legal advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation prior to making any financial decision. 


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