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Use Our 5-Step “Castle Strategy” To Know Your Plan And Get Started

You Can Fortify Your Castle With These 5 Steps

Your money is like a castle. It helps address the many of the dangers of the world. Get started with these 5 steps:


Emergency Fund

A solid emergency fund is the foundation of your financial castle. It forms a solid base from which you can build the rest of your fortress.


Major Purchases

Funds for “Major Purchases” are the walls of your castle. They keep your castle sturdy and well-maintained.


Intermediate Money

Your Intermediate Money is money you invest in the market. It’s like a tower for your castle that helps expand your freedom, influence, and power.


Nest Egg

Your Nest Egg is the roof of your castle. It keeps you and everything in your castle prepared for the elements.


Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is like the grounds of your castle. It’s the beautiful scenery you create for your family to enjoy.

Build A Moat Around Your Castle To Slow Down “The 3 Barbarians”

There are 3 things threatening your financial castle. We call them “Barbarians”. Here’s what they are:



Taxes are the biggest barbarian you’ll face. We can help you in the fight with him right now and develop a plan for continuing to fight the battle in the future.



Healthcare is the second biggest barbarian you’ll face. We can transfer the risk of this barbarian to other avenues like insurance and long-term care.



Your own behavior is the sneakiest barbarian of the three. We can help you keep him in-check, so he doesn’t tear down the castle you’ve worked so hard to build.

Financial Planning Helps You Build A Moat Around Your Castle And Slow Down The Barbarians

Here are the main services we offer to help you in the battle against the Barbarians:

Investment Management

Investment Management helps you build a tower for your castle, so your power, freedom, and influence extends as far as possible.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance helps protect you against the Healthcare Barbarian so he does as little damage to your castle as possible.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning helps you build beautiful landscaping around your castle, so your family can enjoy it for years to come.

Cash-Flow Planning

Cash-Flow planning helps you build an emergency fund and a strong foundation for your castle.

Long-Term Care

Like Life Insurance, Long-Term Care planning is part of the moat that protects you from the Healthcare Barbarian.

College Financial Planning

At a certain point, it will be time for your kids to leave the castle. College Planning helps you pay for their next adventure.

financial fortress blueprint

Ready To Start Building Your Financial Castle?

It All Starts With Your 1-Page Financial Fortress Blueprint™

Feel confident about your money with a complete overview of your financial situation

Reduce overwhelm by understanding exactly where you’re at in your journey

Reduce financial anxiety with a high-level plan for the future
All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Insurance guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.
graphic 10 actions to take

10 Actions To Take 10 Years Before Retirement

In this paper we discuss 10 actions you should take to develop and deploy a successful long-term wealth plan. It will help you make decisions about your financial journey today and well into your retirement chapter.

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