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The 54-Month Planning Window Thumbnail

The 54-Month Planning Window

401k’s and IRA’s have different rules when it comes to taking penalty-free withdrawals.  The more common rule is that you must obtain age 59 ½ to avoid the 10% early withdrawal penalty from an IRA.  

However, you must only obtain age 55 to withdrawal funds from your 401k without the early withdrawal penalty. Please note: If you separate from an employer before age 55 the 10% penalty is applicable even if funds remain in the 401k past age 55. 

If your plan involves stepping away from employment before age 59 ½, consider leaving some funds in your 401k to take withdrawals from during this magical 54-month window (the gap between age 55 and age 59 ½).

For example, if you might need a $5,000/month gross if you stopped working, consider leaving $270,000 ($5k * 54 months) in your 401k before consolidating into your IRA.

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