From Good To Great

good to great

The first line of this awesome book by Jim Collins is “Good is the enemy of great”

✔ I ate grilled chicken and passed on the sweet tea for lunch.   Pretty good.

❌ I’ll have the bowl of spicy nacho Doritos tonight.  My diet is not getting to great.

✔I worked out on Tuesday – good

❌I was lazy on Wednesday and Thursday.  My fitness is not getting to great.

When it comes to financial planning…

✔ I am contributing to my 401k.  Good.

????Am I taking advantage of all my plans options and do I know what I own and how it fits into my picture?

✔I have life insurance to replace my income if I die.  Good

????What if I live and can’t work?

There are aspects of the plan that are good … and that is the ENEMY.

Text yourself every time you ask yourself a “what if” question.  Work to get answers to the “what if’s” in your life.

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