Dollars and Diagrams

The Expectations Gap


According to an investor study from Natixis…

???? Investors expect annual returns to be 11.2%

???? 78% of these individuals list “Capital Preservation” as their top priority

There is a huge disconnect between what individual investors are expecting (11.2%) and risk tolerance.   The long-term returns of a 100% stock (“Aggressive Growth”) profile tends to be less than 11.2% annually and historically long-term market returns have been approximately 7%.

What should an investor expect with “Capital Preservation” listed as their top priority? Certainly not 11.2%.

???? The more important question is what rate of return is required to make your plan work?

REMEMBER:  Your goals determine your plan.  Your plan determines your portfolio.


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Disability Insurance

Estate Planning



Life Insurance

Retirement Funding

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