Dollars and Diagrams

What Are You Collecting?


What “investors” are willing to pay for a share of any “investment” will greatly vary from week to week.

Focusing on account value can give you a sense of grandeur during parabolic bull markets.  In addition, the focus on account value can make you feel much lower during the bad times.

Change your focus.  With a long-term time, horizon, focus on accumulating shares of the best companies in American and the World.

This same approach is true of baseball card, real estate, art, or anything else than be collected.


College Planning

Disability Insurance

Estate Planning



Life Insurance

Retirement Funding

Roth IRA


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10 Actions To Take 10 Years Before Retirement

In this paper we discuss 10 actions you should take to develop and deploy a successful long-term wealth plan. It will help you make decisions about your financial journey today and well into your retirement chapter.

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