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Nic Nielsen Guest Appearance on What The Wealth? Podcast

Insights, Life Insurance, Roth IRA

Check out my recent appearance on the August 20th episode “Planning For Your Future” on What The Wealth? Podcast with fellow LPL financial planner Jonathan Bednar II.





✅ Why it’s important to be prepared for anything—and how life insurance plays a part in that.

✅ How life insurance needs are calculated for individuals.

✅ How to take advantage of a Health Savings Account for long-term care.

✅ The two priority things you should be investing in.

✅ How to make direct contributions to a ROTH IRA for high-income earners.

???? Nic’s Ultra Top Secret medical information hack.


College Planning

Disability Insurance

Estate Planning



Life Insurance

Retirement Funding

Roth IRA


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10 Actions To Take 10 Years Before Retirement

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